Peruvian BYOB Union, NJ

Peruvian BYOB in Union, NJ – El Gordo Eatery

A Unique BYOB Experience at El Gordo in Union

El Gordo Eatery in Union, NJ, offers a unique dining experience where you can bring your own booze (BYOB) to pair with our exquisite Peruvian cuisine. Enjoy the freedom of selecting your own drinks to complement a meal that is a celebration of Peruvian culinary excellence.

Why Choose El Gordo for BYOB:

  • Personalize Your Dining: With our BYOB option, you have the liberty to choose drinks that best suit your taste and meal choice.
  • No Extra Charges: Enjoy your own drinks without worrying about corkage fees, making for a more affordable dining experience.
  • Perfect for Any Event: Our BYOB policy is ideal for any celebration, from casual dinners to special occasions.
  • Authentic Peruvian Environment: Our warm and inviting setting in Union enhances your BYOB experience, providing the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable evening.

    BYOB Paired with Peruvian Delights: Bring along your favorite wine, beer, or spirit to enjoy alongside dishes like Aji de Gallina, Anticuchos, or our celebrated rotisserie chicken.

Visit us at El Gordo in Union:

Visit us at El Gordo in Union with your beverage of choice and let us create an unforgettable dining experience for you. Experience the joys of BYOB at the heart of Peruvian cuisine in Union, NJ!