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Union’s Exquisite Lunch Specials at El Gordo Peruvian Eatery

El Gordo Peruvian Eatery in Union invites you to transform your lunchtime into an extraordinary culinary escape with our Peruvian Lunch Specials. Our Union location prides itself on turning each meal into a memorable and flavorful journey through Peru.

A Journey Through Peruvian Flavors: Our lunch specials in Union are not just meals; they’re an exploration of Peru’s diverse culinary landscape. Each dish is carefully crafted to showcase the depth and richness of Peruvian cuisine.

Gourmet Lunch Without the Premium Price: In Union, El Gordo redefines gourmet dining with lunch specials that are both high in quality and friendly on the wallet. Experience the best of Peruvian flavors without the worry of cost.

Ever-Changing Menu Selections: We keep things fresh and exciting in Union with a rotating lunch menu. From the savory “Lomo Saltado” to the creamy “Aji de Gallina,” each visit brings a new taste of Peru to your table.

Traditional Beverage Pairings: Enhance your lunch with a choice of Peru’s beloved beverages. Whether it’s the purple corn charm of Chicha Morada or the unique taste of Inca Kola, these drinks are the perfect complement to your meal.

Swift Service for Your Lunch Break: Our Union team understands the time constraints of lunch hours. Expect prompt and efficient service that ensures a fulfilling meal even on the shortest of breaks.

Experience Lunch in Union: Don’t settle for the usual. Join us at El Gordo Peruvian Eatery in Union for a lunch special that promises both exceptional taste and value.

Why El Gordo’s Lunch Special:

  • Authentic Peruvian Experience: Our lunch specials are a celebration of Peru’s culinary richness, crafted to provide an authentic and memorable dining experience.
  • Exceptional Quality, Fair Price: Enjoy gourmet Peruvian dishes at prices that won’t stretch your budget.
  • Ever-Changing Culinary Delights: Our rotating menu keeps your lunchtime exciting with new dishes to explore regularly.
  • Drink Pairings from Peru: Enhance your meal with our selection of traditional Peruvian beverages, each a perfect complement to our cuisine.
  • Efficient Service for Your Convenience: We provide fast, courteous service, ensuring a pleasant and timely lunch, even on your busiest days.

Plan Your Union Event with El Gordo:

Discover the taste of Peru right here in Union NJ! Visit El Gordo Peruvian Eatery for a lunch experience that promises to be both delectable and affordable. Join us today for a lunch like no other!